Kano Computing has been working with Lansbury Lawrence this year, running exciting workshops using their build-your-own-computer product range. Years 3 and 6 have enjoyed hands-on workshops where you can assemble all the parts to make a touchscreen computer, and then code on it!

However, yesterday Kahlo Class were among the first children – in the entire world! – to test out a brand new Kano computing product.

We can’t say much about it, until the product is launched next month, as it’s top-secret! The devices we were using had just left the factory in China and were prototypes; that means they might have bugs or manufacturing errors.

Waiting patiently for the signal to START!

Kahlo class worked with the original hardware and software design team from Kano – Bruno, Elliot, Ting, Brendan and Taylor – to do a variety of activities and to give feedback on what worked, and what didn’t.

We can’t post any photos of the top-secret device until it is fully launched, so stay tuned!