This is our blog for the week: (Numan, Muhsina, Amira, Yahya C)
In maths we have been using our number bonds from year 1 and year 2 to help us use three-digit numbers up to 1,000. If you know your number bonds to ten you can use them in a strategy called make 10 and then. For example if you have 331, you can add 9 to make 340 then add on the rest. We did a 4 times table quiz in the lesson today, and we hope we did well.

In P4C we looked at pictures and asked simple questions that turned into deeper questions when we used the P4C light bulbs.

In English, we changed the details of the Skeleton Woman with Mr O’Regan recently. This is called innovation. We started writing our new story and it is now called the Skeleton Girl with a brother and sister who are playing in a mansion. We also thought of words that have the “j” sound in spelling and realised that different letters make this same sound such as fudge, jolly and huge.

In science, we have a new member of the class. His name is Percy, and he is a skeleton that we used to learn the names of our bones and how our body moves, protects and supports us. The strongest bone in the body is the femur in your leg, and the smallest bone in the body is the stapes in your ear.

In art with Ms Sellens, we picked some illustrations and glued them into our sketch books. After that we sketched our version of the illustrations and asked ourselves if we liked it or not and explained how the pictures made us feel.