This week our class had a look at the Egyptians and our key question to answer was, ‘Why were the Egyptians so mighty?’ We learnt that the Egyptians were very good builders and that they have many sculptures and monuments, some of which still stand today. Did you know that the Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

Pyramid of Giza

The children wrote about the various different reasons as to why the Egyptians were so mighty. Here are some pictures of their amazing work:

Egyptians were really mighty due to their well-designed jewellery. Tutankhamun’s mask was one of them. Did you know that Tutankhamun took his mask with him to the after-life?
Egyptians were mighty because of mummification. This was the process of preparing the body for the after-life. Did you know that the Egyptians wrapped the mummified body in resin soaked linen?
Egyptians were mighty due to their use of Canopic Jars. These are jars that the Egyptians would use to store the organs of bodies that have been mummified. Did you know that the Egyptians placed animal heads on to the Canopic jars?