Hello everyone! Welcome back from half-term and into our final half-term of the year. In the last couple of weeks since we have come back we have been doing a lot of exciting things in Lichtenstein class.

To kick us off into this half-term we have switched our focus in English to a new book called Street Child!

Based during the industrial revolution, we follow the story of Jim Jarvis and the trials and tribulations he faces throughout his young life.

Lets have a look at some of the great work we have been doing in Lichtenstein class all around the compelling story.

Here we see that Najibah has created a mind map detailing what it was like to live in a workhouse!
Here is Fayeza’s table showing us what life would have been like for poor children during the industrial revolution!

It has been a really exciting start to our half-term here in Lichtenstein and we cannot wait for all the work we are going to do and fun we’re going to have leading towards the summer holidays!