Today, on day one of our Suffolk residential, Lichtenstein class arrived at Rendlesham Forest for a creative den-building exercise.

Bracken: friend or foe?

First of all, we walked through the forest and observed how the trees were planted (natural vs organised planting). We saw pine trees, fir trees, pine comes, slugs, stinging nettles, brambles and bracken.

Then, we arrived in a clearing which was covered in sticks and branches. Our task was to build a den in groups which was: waterproof, camouflaged, and could fit our entire group.

We had 45 minutes to create our masterpieces! After we finished, we explained the feature of our new homes and admired our entire den village.

“I genuinely enjoyed the den-building because you’re excerising your muscles. Some of the branches were heavy and long!” – Keeyan

“My favourite part was when we introduced our dens. We worked hard to make a path in my group; it was really hard to find long branches.” – Jiyad.

“My teammates helped each other and everyone asked for help when they needed. It was easier when we worked together!” – Chyanne

Future interior designers

Finally, we carefully demolished the dens before leaving the forest as we found it.

Before we jumped on the coach, we quickly played in the playground and got to ride on the zip line! What an amazing day!