Today we have had many experiments set up in the classroom.

We had dry sand and wet sand to see if we could make different things using the different sands. The children enjoyed making sand castles with the wet sand, but also enjoyed sieving the dry sand to make a volcano and knew that wet sand is sticky but lava needed to be runny.

We were investigating what objects in the classroom float or sink, we was making predictions before putting the objects into the water tray to see if the objects floated or sunk. After that we recorded our findings by drawing a picture of the object on the floating or sinking chart.
We then had some cars with some tunnels, the children were asked how they could make the car travel faster. Some children tried by pushing more cars down at a time, some children even tried lifting and moving the tunnels.
Our final experiment was talking about how important it is to wash our hands. This si to stop use spreading germs and getting sick. The children watched the ‘germs’ (glitter) run away once we dipped our fingers into soap. We then put some ‘germs’ glitter on our hands and the children went off to play and these are only a few places where we found the ‘germs’ (glitter) in the classroom.