On Wednesday 2nd of March the the School Councillors from year 3 to 6 embarked on a trip to the Houses of Parliament. We arrived and was introduced to our friendly tour guides. The tour guides gave eveyone headphones to wear so that we could always hear what the tour guides were saying when we was walking around this famous landmark.

We entered through the Queens entrance and walked up the stairs that only the Queen uses when she visits pariament once a year. Actually, we learnt she no longer uses the stairs, because there are many, and now she uses a lift that was installed especially for her. The stairs led to the Queen’s room where there was a golden throne surrounding by paintings from the King Arthur legends. The rooms was build in the reign of Queen Victoria.

We then ventured into the House of Lords where we learnt about how the Lords are people who are experts in different industries and professions and that it is their job to check the laws that the government make in the House of Commons.

After the House of Lords we walked through a long corrider to a grand room, just outside the House of Commons, it was decorated with stautes of past monarchs and year 4 instantly noticed the statue of Richard III after studying him in the autumn term. We was not allowed in the House of Commons because it was the day of Prime Mnister Questions and they were getting ready for Boris Johnson and the MP’s to arrive. We did go to the old House of Commons and was told how our MPs are voted for by the adults (18 and over) who live in their constituency to represent them in parliament, just like our School Councillors were voted to represent their classes.

We finished the tour with a workshop about how to campaign for change locally or even nationally. This was really helpful because the school council have just started planning a social action to make our local area better. So watch this space!