Online safety focus across the school on February 5th 2019

Left: Year 1 discuss how to keep your personal information safe online.

This Tuesday, Lansbury Lawrence marked Safer Internet Day with exciting lessons covering some very important online safety rules.

Beginning in the morning, parents arrived to learn about recent updates to online safety from Selda. After an informative presentation, many parents were eager to learn more about how to keep their children safe online (see below for PDF downloads).

Year 1 learning to help Mitch the Monkey to surf safely
Class 2B learning about SID the Superhero
Delaunay Class have a debate about what it means to be safe online.
Class 4B get involved with a #WordsHurt interactive website where children can see a real reaction to mean comments online.

The Digital Leaders hosted a Safety Station during lunchtime.

Children could use the Chromebooks to play Interland online – a game from Google that teaches children how to be an internet legend.

Adding to the Digital Leader discussion wall.
Completing surveys about asking permission or consent online.
Year 6 discuss what kind of attention can be positive or negative online.
Class 6A had a P4C session where they discussed a shared question.
Class 3B shared their opinions about how you can protect your online reputation.

Note: Parents can download leaflets for SID 2019 here, and refer to for extra help: