In Kapoor class we met a little frog, a frog with a problem. He lives high up a mountain near a pond where it rains a lot.

Sadly, little Froggy hates the rain!

The class asked him questions like,

Manha – Why do you hate the rain?

Ibrahim – Do you feel cold and get sick when you get wet?

Then Suzan had a great idea – We can make you a coat!

The frog was so excited he asked if we would help his friends too.

We had just done an experiment to see what materials were waterproof or absorbent and the class made predictions about the best material to make their coat from. They all chose either tin foil or cling film because they are waterproof.

We looked at raincoat designs and realised we had to make hoods to keep our puppets heads dry.  We also had to make sure our puppet could breathe so we couldn’t just wrap them up like a present, After we finished, we let it rain on our puppets. It was a great success all our puppets stayed dry!

Finally we evaluated our raincoats and thought about ways we could improve our designs. Yasin would make the hood bigger because his puppets nose got a tiny bit wet and Umaymah would use colourful waterproof fabric.