This morning Kahlo Class were invited to the Poplar Train Depot where we got to learn about steam trains (specifically the Poplar Steam Train!).

It has been 150 years since the first steam train was invented during the Industrial Revolution, which is year 5’s learning theme this term.

Ayaanah and Abdullah were excited to be at the Poplar Depot

First, we were taken to their offices. We watched a video about DLR trains and how they are designed and made.

Kahlo class were fascinated by the video

Then, it was our turn to design a train! The children got into teams to work together to design the best train they could!

Collaborating to think up train design ideas
Working together as a team
Lots of concentration to make our designs the best they can be

Some trains had air con, seats, T.Vs, automatic doors and food or drinks available. One could even fly!

After this, we were taken to see and learn about the Poplar Steam train. It was very impressive.

All aboard!

The children got to go inside the drivers carriage and learn about what makes the steam engine go.

The children asked lots of good questions to the driver – especially Ishmam, who was very interested to know what all the levers and handles did inside the train.

We learnt that coal, fire and water create steam which powers the whole train. It can travel up to 25mph!

Sayef, Abdullah and Dawud by the driver’s carriage
Thank You TFL and Poplar Depot!