Our story connects to our P4C lesson

Questions to ponder… Who is kind or unkind the goats or the troll?

We really enjoy P4C in Hamilton class. We love that we can share our own ideas and thoughts and that all opinions are listened to.

Our Considerations

This week in P4C we wanted the children to consider the concepts of KIND and UNKIND.

Stimulus: A starter…

Before we started to examine the concepts we started with a stimulus. The stimulus was connected to the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We wanted the children to think how they would cross the river and why?

Some children decided to cross the river by boat.
“I choose boat cos it is faster.” Abdulrahman

Explaining the concepts: Kind and Unkind.

To help the children know what the concepts meant we played a game called Kind or Unkind. The children had to vote with their feet. I read out each scenario and the children had to choose kind or unkind.

Scenarios to help know about the concepts kind or unkind.

“I think it is unkind to pull hair because she’ll get hurt.” Adam.

“Hugging is kind because play with each other.” Maria.

“Hugging is kind because they are friends.”

Is the troll kind or unkind? Are the goats kind or unkind?

“I think the troll was unkind because he did not let the goats pass.” Afif.

“I think the goat was unkind because he said his brother was fatter.” Avni.

“I think the troll is kind because he let the baby goat pass.” Zayd

Not everyone agreed, but then who is to say who is right, that’s the joy of philosophy all ideas and thoughts count.