This week in P4C, Kahlo Class used a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for a discussion stimulus.

We watched the clip then discussed which “big ideas” we thought linked to the video.

Big ideas brainstorm!
There were so many ideas we thought linked to the video
We explained how and why we thought the themes linked to the video
Lots of us agreed trust, family and loss were important themes
Then, we generated lots of questions as a class and sorted them into categories (trust/lies/truth, technology, money, feelings and other)
We voted on which theme and then which question we wanted to discuss. We chose technology and our chosen question was “Is technology always a good thing?”

We had a great discussion about our ideas and most of us agreed that sometimes it is good and sometimes it can be bad.

Some children thought technology is great for learning and education but it can also be bad for our health at times.

We decided to place it on a scale
Marcus explaining his thoughts
The children also explained their placement on the scale by linking it to our recent maths work on decimal number lines! In the middle (0.5), close to bad (0.25) and closer to good (0.75).
Is technology always a good thing?