by the whole class

The cathedral

On our trip we visited Saint Paul’s Cathedral because we wanted to know more about the Great Fire of London.

We saw an old leather bucket and a roof that had a dome. It was very high up. It was higher than the school.

Haydn, Zain, Amira

The Great Fire of London

Somebody taught us about the Great Fire of London. They taught us how the Great Fire of London affected the city and that the cathedral has been here for over 350 years. They also taught us that some of the statues were damaged during the fire but some still survived.

Yousef, Humam

Putting out the fire – the leather bucket is being passed from the River Thames to the burning buildings on London’s streets:

Geography fieldwork

After the visit, we stood opposite the cathedral and looked at the environment:

In the north we saw Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

In the east we saw trees outside the buildings.

In the south we saw the River Thames in the distance.

In the west we saw shops next to the road.

Uzair, Zain, Innaya