Kahlo class Rock Out with new Timestables Rockstars display

Today, we have used our love of Maths and our enthusiasm for Timestables Rockstars to create the school’s latest display. 

Timestables Rockstars is a fun programme that challenges students to improve their speed and accuracy when recalling the times tables. We believe that through regular use, all students will be able to strengthen their knowledge of multiplication and division facts and be able to do harder calculations more easily in the future as they progress through their education.

Each week, the board will celebrate classes and students for their successes, which will encourage us to have a passion for maths and be confident when applying our numeracy skills.”  Hamzah, 5A.

Parents: We can all support our children to become Times Tables Rockstars, so please click here for more info on downloading the app and using it at home: https://ttrockstars.com/page/apps_page