This week in Year 1 we have ben having lots of fun with our learning.

We have been learning about

  • The Tiger Who Came To Tea – We have been reading together as a whole class and writing words and sentences about the book. We also made masks and pretended to be tigers.
  • Maths – This week we have been sorting objects into different groups, we have sorted cubes, fruit, toys and more. We have sorted by size, colour, height, number of sides amongst other categories.
  • Our Families – We have been role playing families and enjoyed the home corner. We made shopping lists and took care of each other.
  • Our Community – We have been playing shop and creating towns and cities from boxes, building blocks and even made maps.
  • Exploring – We have been measuring water squirted from pipettes and syringes, measuring tall towers and hunting and creating mini beast homes.