Both Riley and Van Gogh classes in Year 4 started a brand new cricket program last week which will continue during January. Every Friday morning we will be improving and enhancing our cricket skills with thanks to Platform Cricket.

Last Friday was our first session. The children huddled among the cold and frost of the football cage but it wasn’t long before the air was filled with roars, cheers and smiles as coats were shed and bats were swung. Any evidence of January blues were swiftly bowled over.

“We practiced catching the ball with our partners. After that we got to hit the ball with the bat and took turns to move in circles around cones. I hadn’t played cricket before and I really liked it!”

Madihah in Riley Class

“It was my first time to play cricket and I really enjoyed it. I knew that I had to hit the ball and run around, I’ve seen that on TV shows. I’m looking forward to playing a real match!”

Jamila, Riley Class

We have four more sessions to look forward to over the next few weeks, stay tuned for more updates!