Dear Parents and Carers

On Tuesday 11th February we will be joining schools and youth settings across the UK in celebrating Safer Internet Day 2020. There will be two drop in clinics for parents and carers on the day; one at 8.45am and one at 3.15pm, where adults can get advice on device management, apps, managing time online. We hope you are able to make one of the sessions. We also hope you will be able to come to our parent exhibition on Wednesday 12th February at 3.15pm, where your child will share what they have been learning about this half term with you. Lichtenstein, Kahlo and Riley classes exhibition will be on Thursday instead, as they are taking part in creativity week with our local teacher training provider.

The History of Lansbury Lawrence

You may have noticed a very interesting film playing in our school reception area. It was made by the Lansbury Lawrence Arts Council, and explains the history of our school and why Lansbury Lawrence is a special place to learn. The film was made with a professional film-maker and animator, who we commissioned through Bow Arts, and we are very proud of the result. The film will be available to view on our website soon, but in the meantime you can watch it here; The History of Lansbury Lawrence

Music Concert

On Wednesday 12th February, there will be a Music Concert for all the children in Year 5 to celebrate their learning in their instrument lessons. Lichtenstein Class will be performing at 10am and Kalho Class at 11am. The performances are a sharing of learning and will be in the top hall. The children are only in the third term of instrument lessons and their progress is very impressive! Come along and have a listen.

Year 5 visit the Buddhist Centre

In Year 5, we have recently been learning about Buddhism in our RE classes. We explored the history of Buddhism in lessons, and then we made a trip to the Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green. We listened to the story of the Buddha and the history of the Buddhist Centre. Our Buddhist tour guide explained how two men had set up the centre at the end of World War II while travelling in India. Then, we got to visit the shrine room where a large Buddha statue could be seen.

Digital Leader Top Tip: 

Did you know that you must be 13 years of old to have your own social media account? Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube etc – all of these services require users to be at least 13 years of age. Talk to your child about what apps they use and help them to use apps for children only. Download the YouTube Kids app instead of the regular YouTube app – it’s much safer! 


Tuesday 11th February

Safer Internet Day drop-in sessions, 8.45am and 3.15pm, in the dining hall

Wednesday 12th February

Year 5 instrumental assemblies, am

Wednesday 12th February

Parent exhibitions, 3.15pm

Thursday 13th February

Lichtenstein, Kahlo and Riley class parent exhibitions, 3.15pm

Friday 14th February

last day of half term