Dear Parents and Carers

This week we celebrated our love of reading through World Book Day. Our older children visited our younger children to read books to them and share stories. We also had a fun assembly where the teachers acted out the story of Fantastic Mr Fox. 

WE Day School Council

The school council ventured across London to Wembley this week, to attend the WE Day celebrations. WE Schools is a series of social action programmes that engage teachers and young people globally to empower them with the skills, knowledge and motivation to bring positive change in themselves and the world. Our School Council worked with WE charity last week and are in the process of building a campaign to help the homeless and food banks within our community. Watch this space!

Arts Council at Duncan Court

As part of our continuing project working with Magic Me at Duncan Court extra care home, we have been getting to know the residents through songs and stories this week. Alf told us about how community was really important to everyone in London, when he was young. It’s lovely getting to know our community now too. Here’s a song that Alf and his friends used to sing when they were growing up, when they went hopping in Kent during the summer holidays.

Rocking out with our Times tables

We have been practising our times tables in school and at home so that we can improve. We challenge other classes to times tables battles and remember to check the board to see which students and classes have done well. Some of us have favourite times tables, and we all think that we are getting better. Tahmid: “I feel triumphant because I won a certificate and because I know almost all of my times tables.” Hasan: “I have been trying hard since I joined the school, so I am happy.” Zaynab: “It is GREAT to practise.”Nazmul: “I am excited because now I can answer more questions. When I am multiplying a number in the eight times tables, I know that I can double it, then double it again.”

Design Technology – Textiles

Year 1 and year 6 have been learning to sew recently. Year 1 learned different methods to attach fabric together, including using plastic needles and wool. They made their own brilliant hand puppets. Year 6 learned how to use running stich, over stich and blanket stitch to design their own soft toys. 

Victoria Park Book Swap

Saturday 7th March, 10am – 1pm

The Hub, Victoria Park, Crown Gate East, Victoria Park

Children and families are invited to the book swap at the Hub Building. Bring a book, grab a book and replenish your library! Share a love of books and reading within the community. This year’s Book Swap will be celebrating World Book Day.


Wednesday 11th March

Year 1 to Crossrail Roof Garden

Friday 13th March

Year 4 to National Maritime Museum