Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to everyone who came to our parent exhibition on Wednesday. It means a lot to the children for you to come in to their classroom, and for them to perform for you. The atmosphere across the school was lovely, and the children were very proud of what they have learnt over this half term. Also, another big thank you to everyone who donated to our Harvest food collection. The food was collected by the First Love Foundation today, and will go to the Tower Hamlets foodbank in Poplar to help those who need it within our community. We hope you have a lovely half term holiday, and look forward to seeing you back at school on Monday 28th October.

Exploring Plastic at Poplar Union

Year 5 ventured across Bartlett Park to the Poplar Union community space, to meet with scientists from the University of Kent – how exciting! The workshop was called ‘Plastic Unwrapped’. Together with Discover Planet, the students explored the question: what is plastic made from? The answer lies with polymers. Polymers are made up of small connected molecules known as monomers – when a bunch of monomers connect together in a chain, they form a polymer (‘poly‘ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘many‘). Year 5 have two more workshops planned and can’t wait to learn more about plastic.

Year 2 visit Poplar Fire Station

Year 2 have been learning about People Who Help Us within our community and visited our local fire station as firefighters help people every day. We were all so excited to go! When at the fire station we were able to go into the fire engine and see all the equipment inside. The firefighters also let us have a go on the hose! We were also able to ask all the firefighters questions about their day and we learnt about how important their job is. It was a great experience and we all definitely want to go back for another visit! A big thank you to everyone at Poplar Fire Station for making us so welcome.

Thank you from Jim Fitzpatrick

Passing on congratulations from Poplar and Limehouse MP, Jim Fitzpatrick, to our school community for our Artsmark success. Something we are incredibly proud of at Lansbury Lawrence, thank you.


Monday 28th October 

school opens at 8.45

Floating Egg Experiment

You will need:

2 eggs

Plenty of salt

2 clear glasses


1. Get 2 clear glasses and fill them up with water.

2. In one of the glasses, pour in salt (you’ll need around 10 tablespoons, the more the better!) Mix it all in until it dissolves.

3. Gently place 1 egg into the glass with plain water. Observe what happens to the egg.

4. Gently place the 2nd egg into the glass with salty water. Observe what happens to the egg. The egg should float in the water. Add in more salt if it doesn’t.

5. Discuss why the egg floats in the salty water.

The Science behind it

The egg sinks in the plain water because it is more dense (thick) than the plain water. When you add salt to the water, the egg floats because the salty water is more dense (thick) than the egg.

Questions to ask your children

What does dissolve mean?

Why does the egg float in the salty water?

What would happen if we used a different liquid?

Would it work if we used sugar?


Watch this video for further instructions: Floating Egg Experiment


Send photos of your child’s experiment, outcomes, drawings or their thoughts to: