Dear Parents and Carers

Yesterday Goldsworthy class held their class assembly, based on their current learning theme, ‘On the Farm’. They performed brilliantly, with confident speaking and beautiful singing. Thank you to all of our parents and carers who came along to watch, your support is really appreciated and we hope you enjoyed the show!

On Thursday 6th June,  Lansbury Lawrence will be hosting a family picnic. This is a way for all of our children to enjoy the Eid celebration, whatever their beliefs, and celebrate family and community. All of our parents are invited to bring a picnic and join your children in our playgrounds and nature areas. As well as food, we’ll also be putting on some music and dancing for everyone to enjoy as they eat. 


Top Secret Coding in Kahlo Class

Kano Computing has been working with Lansbury Lawrence this year, running exciting workshops using their build-your-own-computer product range. Years 3 and 6 have enjoyed hands-on workshops where you can assemble all the parts to make a touchscreen computer, and then code on it!

Kahlo Class were among the first children – in the entire world! – to test out a brand new Kano computing product.

We can’t say much about it, until the product is launched next month, as it’s top-secret! The devices we were using had just left the factory in China and were prototypes; that means they might have bugs or manufacturing errors.

Kahlo class worked with the original hardware and software design team from Kano – Bruno, Elliot, Ting, Brendan and Taylor – to do a variety of activities and to give feedback on what worked, and what didn’t.

We can’t post any photos of the top-secret device until it is fully launched, so stay tuned!

Hepworth Class in the Edible Playground

This half term is year 3’s turn for outdoor learning in the edible playground, which fits perfectly with our science learning on plants!

The weather has been beautiful; we have watered the plants, explored the plant beds, and got our hands muddy. Here are some things that we learnt:

“Leaves need sunlight, they absorb the sunlight and use it to make some food.” Remayssa

“Earthworms are good for the soil because they eat rotten leaves.” Talha

“Plants get thirsty so you need to water them and they grow. The roots drink the water.” Suraya

Van Gogh Volcanoes!

Van Gogh Class explored how volcanoes erupt by recreating models of an eruption in class. Yes, you heard that right!
We were keen to see the different types of explosions and began by creating the shape and design of a volcano. The children then began to fill their bottles (vents) with liquids that cause chemical reactions. Once their volcanoes were assembled, the children added bicarbonate soda to complete the process of the explosion. Kaboom!

Well done to our Learners of the Week!

Key Dates

Monday 20th May

Year 5 to Southbank Centre

Thursday 23rd May

O’Keeffe Class assembly

Friday 24th May

End of half term

Monday 3rd June

Back to school

Tuesday 4th June

School closure for Eid

Friday 7th June

Eid Family Picnic