We had a great trip to the museum today. First we got the DLR to Stratford and then we had to get a very busy train to St Pauls. When we arrived we had to hang up our coats and leave our bags in the lunch room. Some of us were hungry already!

Then we had an explore of the museum, In our groups we had to hunt out some objects from the display and draw a picture. Then we watched an amazing video about the Great Fire of London. Our favourite things we saw were the giant fire hook, the funny shoes and the leather helmet.

Then we went for story time and a man dressed up and told us the story of Will and his cat Whiskers who helped put out the fire. Some of us got to join in the story to. We had a great day and are all feeling exhausted. Here are our photos!

Here we are drawing people escaping from the fire.
Story time
We are being the wind that blew the fire to the next houses.
Rida is alerting us to the fire!
Garvey is about to tell us the fire has reached the Tower of London
We are being houses on fire!
Story time coming to an end.