We are born with an innate ability to process small quantities visually. The Early Years Number Sense programme meets children at this starting point of subitising one and two, and develops a deep understanding of all the quantities to ten. The programme develops subitising, manipulating, and partitioning of numbers to 10, and supports children to see their different properties. 

We have had fun with our parents at our workshops. We explained all about how we are learning to subitise rather than count. We taught our parents how to play the ‘Hidden Numbers’ game and proudly showed off how we can find numbers quickly just by looking and not counting.

Our Learning in the Classroom:

The Children were able to make a triangle with 3 objects, a square with four objects and 5 can be made with a square and one in the middle.

Three Lego blocks can be made into a triangle to show it is three.