Hello everyone and welcome to our final blog post of the academic year, and what a year it has been!

From lockdown and isolations to a class trip and sports day, it has been a turbulent year for us all and although it has been tough we are still sad to be seeing the back of Lichtenstein class 2020/21.

Focusing first on our learning and everything we have achieved in the classroom, we have covered a number of subjects across this academic year and have produced some amazing work.

In English this year we have looked at an number of fantastic stories, the story of Apollo 13, Cosmic, Street Child, Skellig, Boy in the Girls Bathroom, This Morning I met a while and Secrets of the Sun King. All of which have enthralled and held the attention of Lichtenstein class and some great work has come from them and the rest of our English lessons.

The opening of a persuasive speech to convince Mr O’Regan to allow us golden time!
Street Child, Jim’s adventure through Victorian England!

Our English work has taken us on many fantastic journeys and we are very proud of all the amazing work that has been produced throughout this year.

Now to maths, we have covered many interesting topics this year in maths, let’s have a look at something that we have been doing.

Some fantastic work here looking at adding and subtracting fractions!

Outside of English and Maths we have been looking at a number of really interesting topics. The Industrial Revolution, Space, P4C, Ancient Greece, Computing and Ancient Egypt to name a few!

Making penguins in Computing!
Making LEGO mechanisms!
A snippet of our AWARD WINNING group performance as we won the Best Group Performance in the Towers Hamlets Poetry Slam!

Looking now a bit closer at our final week of the year and all the fun that we have been having.

A football workshop with Coach Taylor!
Sports Day! Hooping to victory in the obstacle course!
Throwing the javelins at Mr Harrington!
Sprint finish!
Summer Fete! Getting as many tattoos as possible!
Great fun on one of two bouncy castles!
Silent Disco!

It has been a fantastic year here in Lichtenstein class, we would like to thank parents, carers, colleagues and co-workers for all of their help in making this year the absolute best it could be. Most importantly, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to the children of Lichtenstein class for always keeping us smiling and laughing and we cannot wait to see everything that you achieve in Year 6!

We hope that you all enjoy a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you in September.