Last week, Lansbury Lawrence was visited by ParentZone & Google to talk all about online safety.

There were two people who helped us – Jenny and Jennie! They brought lots of energy to our afternoon and invited us to join them on a journey to Interland.

We learned about the 5 pillars of being safe online – SHARP, ALERT, SECURE, KIND AND BRAVE.

SHARP – Thinking before I share

ALERT – Spotting the difference between real and fake

SECURE – Protecting my stuff with a strong p@s$w0rD

KIND – Respecting each other online

BRAVE – When I’m unsure, I will discuss with an adult.

“The symbol for online security is the padlock – you can see it in the address bar – and the ‘s’ in https which also means secure!”

Samim, Kahlo class
A challenge: How to make a really strong password! Tip: you have to use capital LETTERS, numbers and symbols.