Anaya and Sadid are building towers 1-5 and putting them in order. They are talking about which tower has the most and which has the least.
Safa has ordered her towers 1-5 and is recording it as a number story.
Sumayya is recording what she knows about numbers 1-5 in her book.
Ishaq and Zara having lots of fun ordering their number towers.

Summer is ordering her towers 1-5.

Mi’Layah and Isra work together to order their towers.
Ryan and Mahdi having fun working out the order.
Minh has made a record of the towers he built and explained it.
Maraljin has drawn her towers 1-5 in order.
Hawa counts out five cubes.
Nabil looks at the numberblocks 1-5 before we have a go at making them.