by Hepworth class

This term we have been learning about all about rocks. We recently discovered that soil is made from rocks and organic matter. We used trowels to dig the soil from different locations in the school. The snow made it very cold but luckily we were wearing gloves.

Collecting soil from the KS1, KS2, Edible garden, Secret garden and Nature garden
“the snow helped to make the soil more soft because it melted” – Um Khulsum

We mixed the soil with water

Shake, shake, shake.
We observed as the different things in the soil settled into different layers.

“I know the samples of soil were all peat soil because because it was all very dark. If we looked at the soil from a different location such as a beach, I would expect it to be dry and sandy soil. To get a different result in the same place, we could have dug deeper” – Yusra