It has been an exciting half term that has seen us vote in new class representatives to the school council, learn more about why our school is special, be inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s artwork, explore the Festival of Britain and Black History Month, enjoy a traffic-free afternoon in our local roads, write stories about magical objects . . . and a lot more besides! Students will now enjoy a well-earned half term break and look forward to learning together again after the holiday.

Trips and Community

Our first trip of the year was a tour around our school to help us understand the connection we have to the Festival of Britain and the Exhibition of Architecture. Lansbury Estate’s rich and important history was also evident when we ventured out of school on a walk of the local community.

Taqwaa, Alexia: “Our school was a key part of the Exhibition of Architecture which was part of the Festival of Britain. Our school and the Lansbury Estate were specially made for it.”

In our geography fieldwork lesson we enjoyed stepping in the footsteps of past visitors as we walked the 1950s Festival Route around the Lansbury Estate.

Traffic-free Afternoon


In maths we took a closer look at 10, 100 and 1000 using dienes, part-part-whole and bar models. We realised that everything we learnt in year 2 is going to help us have a successful year in year 3.

History and Geography

Looking at our theme of community gave us a great basis to discuss Black History Month in October and connect it with the Festival of Britain and the 1950s. We concluded that history is stories about events, people and places, and that everybody in our community has a story.

Aleena, Aliza: “I learnt that this month and the whole year is an opportunity to hear the stories and successes of people you don’t get to find out about, and events and places that people don’t know.”


Umar and Sabrina: “Our science lessons were about light, so we used torches and sometimes we turned off the light to look at the dark.”

The class considered lots of scientific questions:

  • What is a light source?
  • How do we see, and can you see in the dark?
  • What material is best for sunglasses?
  • How is my shadow formed?

We’ve all enjoyed being scientists so far, and we look forward to raising more questions and testing more ideas in the year ahead.


Art & DT

This term, project designer Lea Jagendorf helped us examine our precious photo archive to create an exhibition and make models. The final display will be installed in the front reception for visitors, guests and the community to see, and students were proud of what they produced. It will mark 70 years of our school being built and reminds us that our school was a key part of the Festival of Britain.

We also created a piece of furniture for the 1950s with Miss Wiley.

Alexia and Muhsina: “First we looked at 1950s chairs, then we sketched them in our art books. We had to think about what fabric, material and if our choices were practical. I tried to create my favourite chair.”

Taqwaa, Manha, Aleena and Madiha: “After the clay dried, we painted our chairs. Some people had sofas and others had different chairs that could fit different amounts of people. We waited for about a week, then we painted them in bright colours. The paints I used were primary and secondary colours.”

Phew . . . . 😊

Roll on Autumn 2!