The entire school are learning how to teach and learn lessons online, but that hasn’t stopped us in Hokusai class! We have been using lots of different platforms to create activities and learn lots of different things!

So far we’ve been continuing on with our reading of The Abominables (a story about yetis needing to leave their home in the Himalayas!), we’ve played lots of maths games, created factfiles on mountains and more!

We have many different platforms that we are using but the most important one is Google Classroom. To access Google Classroom, your child needs to go to and use their Chromebook login. If you can’t access this, please let the school know as soon as possible so that we can sort this out!

We are also in a battle on TT Rockstars against Van Gogh class in Year 4 – we can do it! As well as our own little in-class competition between boys and girls.

Hopefully we can keep this up and we’ll be back at school in no time!