Three LETTA students came into Hepworth Class and kicked off Creativity Week with Miss Carver, Miss Walsh and Miss Okworobu. The children took part in a range of exciting activities that were all based around their class topic, the human body, and explored human anatomy in artistic and imaginative ways.

In English, Hepworth class all worked together to compose a rhyming poem. We heard poetry for inspiration and played rhyming games before working as pairs to come up with a stanza each. We then pieced these all together to produce our poetry masterpiece, which we performed in Achievement Assembly at the end of the week. 

We also explored different parts of the body in-depth and personified them, coming up with personalities, likes and dislikes and even some superpowers. We had the opportunity to use the Chromebooks and do lots of scientific research, and each made a character profile for one body part. 

In Maths, we covered multiplication, addition and rounding. We got stuck into using part-whole models to work out and understand potentially tricky calculations and demonstrated our learning with worksheets. We played plenty of Maths games, with Around The World proving to be a particular favourite. 

As a special surprise, Hepworth class went to the hall to play a competitive rounding game involving lots of running, laughter and, last but not least, maths.

For our P4C lesson, we tackled the mind-body problem and came up with lots of thoughtful and insightful questions and ideas about how our body works. We discussed how we can know if we have a body, the nature of the mind and explored how it is that the brain works.

In Science, we worked collaboratively to come up with a class list of jobs that need you to use your body and investigated that they require on the Chromebooks. We made predictions based on our prior knowledge and ended up learning a lot about athletes, doctors, paramedics, and even fashion designers!

In History, we learned about some of the weird and wacky ways medicine has been practised in history. We became historical GPs for a day, working in four groups as the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Tudors and as Mediaeval doctors to choose a treatment to help given patients. After each group had decided on their course of action, a panel of judges voted on which sounded the most sensible, and the Mediaeval doctors won!

In Geography, we examined different ways the body is used to express identity around the world. We kicked off the discussion by looking at the Maori newscaster Oriini Kaipara and then opened up a debate about what beauty actually is and how we express our identity with our bodies. We had lots of interesting and thought-provoking responses, with many pointing out that beauty is on the inside. 

In Art, we engaged in close observation of four artists that have depicted the human body – Henry Moore, Vincent Van Gough, Julian Opie and Alberto Giacometti. We talked about their work and how they made us feel, and all had a go at making our own.

On Wednesday, all of Year 3 went on a trip to the science museum. We saw lots of fun and peculiar things related to the human body, and went on a scavenger hunt to find as many objects as possible. We all had a great time, and definitely learned a thing or two about medicine and human anatomy. 

Overall we had a fantastic week, and all three LETTA students loved being in Hepworth class. We hope that you all have a lovely half-term, and have plenty of time to rest. Stay safe, and see you all soon!