Kahlo Class had such a fun time working with clay yesterday morning. The children sculpted and moulded the clay in the shape of Ancient Greek pots and vases. Thank you Mrs Sellens for helping us!

Everyone worked in pairs to create a pot
We used water, sculpting tools and clay to make the pots
Ishmam was proud of his clay pot. They added a handle and smoothed all the edges
Iyaaz got stuck in! Mucky clay hands!
Ifaz and Natasha having fun rolling the clay and working together
Nazifa and Rukayat creating new layers for their “coil” pots
Ayaanah and Marcus working really well as a team
Melissa using the sculpting tool to “score” the clay in a “criss cross” motion. We learned that doing this and adding water helps to mould the clay together so it doesn’t fall off once it’s dry.
Khyrah and Iyaaz were really focussed and kept their clay work very neat
Sayef and Mysha worked well together to build a tall pot
Nurun and Dawud getting creative with their pot design
Sara and Shahinur rolling the clay
Don’t worry it washed off!