We read the story – ‘The Snail and the Whale’, and then explored the different environments that the snail visited. We looked at volcanoes, beaches and mountains and then used Google Earth to find them on our planet. We also did a volcano experiment and had a go at making our own volcanoes, talking about some of a volcanoes features.

Maraljin says – ‘The volcano already puts out lava and now it’s dripping.’
Muniya explains that some people live on the mountain and they ‘can see black smoke.’
Nabil adds baking soda to the vinegar in the Volcano experiment.
The children are fascinated to see what will happen.
Mi’Layah says – My volcano is violent; smoke is coming out.’
Summer and Haydn have a go at the experiment.
Rihan adds the baking soda.
Sadid says – ‘It’s coming out smoke; it’s explode.’