This term in English Delaunay class read Shen’s magic paintbrush and had the opportunity to write different incidental pieces. This is a showcase of the fantastic pieces the pupils created:

Poem – Arisha
MIssing Poster – Aadam

Persuasive letter – Sabrina


The children have worked hard this term on their numbers using ‘Number Sense’ to improve their number fluency.

Comments from children:

“It has helped me a lot, I am more confident adding one more to a number and I understand 7 tree and 9 square.” – Adli

“I have learnt a strategy when I have to add instead of counting from 1 – 5; I can put up five fingers and add on the number.” – Arisha

” I have learned numbers such as 1, 2, 3. 4 and 5 are next door number neighbours and the difference is 1.” – Abdul


In geography the children explored the 7 continents and 5 oceans and had the opportunity to explore the world map and create their own using directional language such as north, south, east and west to describe the locations of the continents.

In history the children learn’t about Christopher Columbus, his voyages and the consequences of his discovery. At the end of the topic we reflected as a class and discussed the big question ‘Should Christopher Columbus be celebrated ?’

“No because he colonised Americas and took all their money, animals and food., following that Spain became rich.” – Musa

“Yes because he discovered a new land and exported good from America to Europe.” – Yusrah

This term Delaunay have worked extremely hard, WELL DONE! – Miss Ampeh, Ms Begum, Ms Huma and Ms Aziz are super proud of the progress you have made.

Have a lovely Half Term.