Hello everyone and welcome back!

Our first week back falls perfectly in line with British Science!

In Lichtenstein class we have been doing a number of experiments throughout the week which have produced some fantastic results.

On Monday, we conducted an experiment by placing raisins in lemonade. We then observed any reactions and recorded our results.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and put raisins in it.

Wednesday brought us an experiment using water and salt and once again looking to observe and record the results of any reactions. We learnt that the salt does not simply disappear into the water, it dissolves and forms a solution.

Friday was our STEAM day. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. On Friday, we did two separate experiments as well as an art and maths task. Firstly, we looked at how to make an orange sink in a tub of water and which variables we had to change in order to achieve this. Following this, we had some friendly competition as to which group can create the tallest tower using only dry spaghetti and marshmallow. To welcome in spring we had our artists drawing some fantastic spring flowers! For maths we had some challenging but exciting sudoku puzzles to complete.

Orange, will it sink or will it float?
The Great Pyramids of Marshmallow!
Artists and Mathematicians hard at work!

We hope that you have all enjoyed your first week back as much as we have and look forward to continuing our great learning next week.