What an exciting few weeks of the term! On the 8th of March we finally returned to school and enjoyed being reunited with our friends.

There is always something new to tell about Little Red Riding Hood and her adventures. As part of our English theme we wrote setting descriptions, diary entries, fabulous list poems and even designed WANTED posters to help the police track Mr Wolf down in Poplar.

We continued our Maths journey with the consolidation of multiplication, as well as started the unit of fractions. The children loved being creative in Maths! They added more colours to the classroom displays with their pizza halving-posters and built the City of Arrays to represent the relationship between multiplication and division.

Online learning also comes handy within the school building. Both Year 2 classes shared an exciting sewing lesson with Ms Sellens and explored the basic skills of fashion designers.

In this half term our wider curriculum was mainly planned around Geography: “All about the UK”. We put such a great effort into recreating well-known landmarks of the four capital cities, in the style of the famous painter Paul Klee.

Let’s not forget about STEAM Day! The “lava lamp” and “rainbow cake” experiments made Science an even more attractive subject to everyone.

We are all looking forward to starting the new term. Well done Tagore Class for your hard work and keep up your enthusiasm!