This half-term, Hepworth class have been busy learning and exploring. Here is what we have done:


Our inspiration for our writing this term has been from One Wish Too Many in which a young boy called Peter finds a magic marble. We used this plot to write a diary entry and our own version of the story. In doing so, we considered the type of sentences we used, co-ordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. We also thought about description using expanded noun phrases.

Diary Entry
Diary Entry


During our Whole Class Reading lessons, we have been close reading and answering questions. We read The Minpins by Roald Dahl and The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde.

The Minpins: Dahl, Roald, Benson, Patrick: 9780141501789:  Books
The Minpins

Book Reviews of The Minpins

I enjoyed The Minpins because it had lots of adventures and funny parts. My favourite character was the Swan because it was kind enough to allow Little Billy to go on its back and help the Minpins” – Musa

I enjoyed The Minpins because there are mini little people who live in trees. My favourite character was Don Mini because he is very old and helpful.” – Tahiya

“I enjoyed The Minpins because it has little people in it and there was the Gruncher. My favourite character was the Gruncher because the smoke he has around him looks cool. It’s orange and red.” – Trae

I enjoyed The Minpins because it was interesting and funny. My favourite character was Little Billy because he found the Minpins and he was shocked when he saw them.” – Aaliyah

The Selfish Giant and Other Stories: Illustrated by Philip Waechter (Alma  Junior Classics): Oscar Wilde: Oscar Wilde, Philip Waechter,  Philip Waechter: 9781847494979: Books
The Selfish Giant

Book Reviews of The Selfish Giant

I enjoyed The Selfish Giant because it was really funny. My favourite character was the children because they are kind.” – Abdul

“I enjoyed The Selfish Giant because it was a really nice book. My favourite character was the birds because I really like listening to birds tweeting.” – Matylda

“I enjoyed The Selfish Giant because the story teaches you not to be selfish. My favourite character was the Giant because at the end of the story, he is not selfish anymore.” – Aadam


In our Maths lessons, we have been looking at adding and subtracting across 10 and exploring numbers to 1000. We started off by looking at First, Then, Then stories to help us add three numbers. We moved on to adding and subtracting two numbers by bridging 10. After that, we explored 100 and the different ways it can be parted which helped us learn to count in 10s, 20s, 25s and 50s. Next we looked at making 100 by using the tens digits to make 90 and the ones digits to make 10. Recently, we have explored part-part-whole models to find addition and subtraction equations.

First, Then, Then
Bridging 10
Partitioning 100
Part-Part-Whole Model
Word Problems using Part-Part-Whole Models


Our theme this half-term was Community. We learnt that community is a group of people living in the same place  – especially if they have a shared characteristic, goal or belief. We also learnt about the Festival of Britain that took place in 1951. We explored the route that was taken during 1951 and for our trip, walked the same route around the Lansbury Estate.

During our trip, we looked for the Festival of Britain logos and the different locations that people saw in 1951. For example, Trinity Gardens, St Mary and St Joseph’s Church and The Festival Inn.

We found the logo!
Drawing a sketch of the Clock Tower
Can you guess where this logo is? (CLUE: Chrisp Street Market)

At the end of our learning about community, we wrote a letter to tell our chosen person about our learning.

Letter about Community
Letter about Community

In our Science lessons, we learnt about light. We learnt the definitions of transparent, translucent and opaque. We also learnt about how light allows us to see, how light reflects and how shadows are formed.

Using daylight to make shadow puppets
Exploring the relationship between the distance of light and the size of shadows

We hope you enjoyed reading about our learning this term. We are excited for next term to do more learning!

Happy Half-Term! We hope you have a fun, relaxing holiday!