by Mechid and Zayaan

Last week, we read some more about the Romans in whole class reading. We read about the mighty army and how much training the soldiers had to do.To be a Roman soldier you had to be at least 18 and 170 centimetres tall. We also read a text about the things that Romans did for fun, and I already knew that they liked to watch gladiators fight. The book we read on some of the days is called “How to be a Roman in 21 Easy Steps.”

Friday was a really exciting day because we had ice-cream, reading and playtime in the park! We were looking forward to it so we all had fun, and before that we ate a Roman banquet with Mr O’Regan in the community room. Most of the children on my table had cheese wraps and chocolate cake, and other children loved eating fish, peas and fruit.

In English, we finished innovating the poem “I am a Roman Soldier” by looking at the words that were used, then we wrote our own poem and performed it as a legion for Hepworth class.

In science, we learnt about push and pull forces. The last lesson was about friction, and it taught us that smooth surfaces create less friction but rough surfaces create more friction. Friction makes everything move slower, and I don’t know if that is like gravity yet.