Year 3 had an exciting science lesson this week with an introduction to learning about light and dark.

First, we got our brains in gear by thinking about what we already knew about light and dark and also some questions that we’d like to have answered over the half term. We also had a look at an ‘Odd one out question’ to try and put some of our scientific reasoning to practise.

What Hokusai class know already….and what they would like to learn.

Then, we had a discussion to see how we could test if we could see things when there was no light. we decided that we could test this by trying to see pictures without any light, then try again with light.

We made predictions on what we thought would happen, some of us thought you would be able to see the pictures in complete darkness, just not very easily.

Our partner secretly drew a picture then stuck it inside a box with a small eye hole in it. We then covered the box with our jumpers so that no light could get in any of the gaps. We looked through the hole to see what we could see…… NOTHING! Total darkness, pitch black, nothing at all! We tried again, taking our jumpers off the box this time so that a tiny amount of light could get through the cracks in the sides. even with this small amount of light, we could see the picture stuck inside the box. We repeated the experiment a few times to ensure our results were the same

So, what did we learn from our experiment? That without light we cannot see!