Yesterday, year 1 visited The Young V&A, formerly known as the Childhood Museum. They travelled by bus and spotted many different places along the way like the Fire Station, which they’ll learn about in year 2.

As they stepped through the doors of the Museum, the air buzzed with excitement. Giggles and gasps of amazement filled the space as children laid eyes on the colourful exhibits that stretched out before them.

The museum was like a magical playground with exhibits that sparkled with imagination. From ancient dolls with stories to tell, to futuristic gadgets, each display was a masterpiece of play. The best part? Many exhibits were interactive! We could touch, play, and even try on costumes. It was a whirlwind of laughter and discovery as we explored the wonders of toy history.

Sharah and Abdurrahman enjoyed dancing away to the musical that was playing in the cinema.
One of the highlights for our tiny explorers was the interactive play zones scattered throughout the museum. From dollhouses to building blocks, each area was a treasure trove of hands-on fun. It wasn’t just about looking at toys; it was about living the toy experience.
Sophia and Scarlett invented their own board game together
Amal was fascinated by the ripples in the pale green sand. Other children helped by spinning the wheel.
Toys have changed due to technological advancement. Most children could not recognise these game consoles as some of them shared that their siblings have Nintendo Wii and PS5 now.
The laughter and squeals of joy echoed in the room as children danced and played alongside their friends.
Children used a variety of tools to create pictures and sculptures.
The Museum has a designer who made unique bags using materials that you wouldn’t believe you could use!
As if the day couldn’t get any better, our young adventurers were treated to a surprise designer called Clara. From cookie tins to silicone moulds, Clara used everyday materials to make funky functional bags!

Anna asked “how long does it take for you to make those bags?” Amal spotted some collages on the floor and asked “what is that?” To which she said, “They are my inspiration, my ideas that I put on paper to help me make it come to life!”

Learning became an adventure, and history became a colourful tapestry of toys.

As our adventure came to an end, children were hooked on their topic for this term – ToysWhy have toys changed over time? Most importantly, thank you to all the parents who supported Kapoor class on the trip!

If you would like more information about visiting the Museum yourself then have a look on their website:

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