In Riley class we have been super motivated to keep learning during this lockdown. We have had lots of fun during our live calls and have kept smiling.

A message from Riley Class teachers

In Maths we have been practising dividing 2 digits by 1 digit, which has been a challenge but we have used our place value charts and worked together as a team to find the answers!

In English we wrote some beautiful, creative stories and learnt how to upload voice notes of us reading our stories to our teachers. We wrote them in our books to practise our hand writing, then typed them up on our devices. Here are some examples:

We have also been focused on our wellbeing and done so many fun activities, like making vlogs, dancing and art.

Ishmam has made a vlog:

We had fun dancing and creating art:

We have set ourselves challenges – Mariya has learnt Arabic during lockdown.

And here we are enjoying our daily reading call at 1pm. We LOVED reading The Explorer book!