What is SafeToNet?

As a response to this year’s unprecedented Covid pandemic, more and more children are spending time alone on their devices or have been gifted personal devices to help with their online learning. To combat this increased risk, the SafeToNet Foundation is making available 1 million licences of SafeToNet’s safeguarding software free for life to UK families.

SafeToNet is an app for parents that helps safeguard their children from online risks like cyberbullying and sexting, whilst respecting the child’s rights to privacy. It also gives children wellbeing exercises to help deal with issues such as stress, fear and anxiety.

Benefits for children and parents are outlined below:

The app has recently been featured in CNet’s list of recommended online safety apps and is used by families throughout the world.

Sign Up:

Parents have until midnight on the 1st of August to register their details via this link and until the 30th of August to activate the App on their smartphone or tablet.

During the new school term, we hope to have a visitor from SafeToNet come to Lansbury Lawrence to host a parent’s workshop explaining the benefits of the app and how it can be used as tool to help keep your child safe online.

As always at Lansbury Lawrence, we encourage parents to:

  • Continue to talk to your child about their online activity
  • Set boundaries for how long your child is spending online
  • Show interest in your child’s games & websites that they frequently use
  • Know which apps are installed on your child’s device
  • Encourage your child to talk to you or another family member if they ever feel uncomfortable online
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