On Friday instrumentalists from Kahlo and Lichenstein class enjoyed their fourth session with composers Greg and Geoff from Three Stones Media. The project is a chance to explore all the different sounds that our instruments can make and create musical ideas together.  

Yesterday we created music based on a mystery story (soon to be set to film) and a poem about global warming. We came up with soundscapes that evoked a busy city, a mysterious incident, a superhero and a policeman. Our favourite sounds were for a very cheeky rat. The violins and cellos made squeaking noises with our bows and the brass and woodwind sections tapped their instruments with their fingernails.  

Greg, Geoff and Miss Dickman were so impressed by the creativity the children displayed and their confidence to come forward with ideas, and even teach each other to sing melodies they had composed.  

We are excited for next time, where we will begin rehearsing our compositions ready for our day at Rich Mix in March.