Today, both Van Gogh and Riley class visited the science museum where they experienced a very ‘heated’ show. Heated? well, that’s because the children learnt how fire is created and fuelled. The children were stunned by the amazing fire display created by the lead scientist. And some were brave enough to volunteer and help with the show!

After that, both classes were lucky enough to explore the museum’s most famous exhibition: the Wonder lab! From friction slides to hover planes, the children were able to satisfy their curious minds and scientific enquiries by engaging in immersive and practical activities. Just take a look and what they did:

Look at all that smoke
Exploring the solar system
Exploring the forces of physics!
Which surface will lead to the slowest slide?
So much fun!
I have a twin!

Both classes felt very exhausted by the end of the trip, but i’m sure they have some energy to tell you more!

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