In history we learnt about WWII. There were two powers who fought in the war, they were Allied and Axis powers. The Allied forces were Britain, France and Soviet Union, whilst the Axis forces were Germany, Japan and Italy. Germany was taking over Europe after a sorrowful defeat in WWI. However in the battle of Britain ( A mini battle during the war) Britain won creating one of the technological devices we use today, Radar. This was a turning point during the war. Nobody had yet defeated Germany. The main reason why WWII was caused is that Germany had lost WWI and wanted revenge for their punishment of losing land. The people of Germany were promised (by Adolf Hitlar) to win back their land. Britain and France battled on Poland’s behalf. Remayssa & Amelia

This term we learnt about percentages and fractions and also decimals. I learnt that 75% equals ¾ and more others. Also I learnt how to turn decimals to fractions and percentages. Now we are learning about Ratios. Shahidul & Zeeshan

This term we have been learning about ratios. We have learnt how to partition into smaller proportions. We also learnt about simplifying fractions and turning decimals into percentages. Nubia & Ridwan

In English , we have been writing warning stories. We have read many books such as My Name Is Jim and Friend Or Foe. Also we have done a shared write about World War II about exploring a bombsite and an independent write about the Chrisp St Market demolition site. I enjoyed writing the independent story as we had our own chance to be creative. Remayssa & Amelia

As our subject this term has been about World War II , we have been reading Friend Or Foe. This book is about 2 evacuees called David and Tucky , who were evacuated then adopted by 2 people called Mr Reynolds and Ann. Amelia & Remayssa

In DT we have been learning about Yinka Ilori, a Nigerian artist. In our first lesson we made 3D sculptures for a piece of A4 paper. Then, in groups of 3, we joined them together to make bigger sculptures and to add our ideas together. In the second lesson we used felt to create a sketchbook page about our personalities. For example, flags or things we enjoy. In the final lesson we did sewing. In the end we attached our pieces together to create a patchwork. It looked like a beautiful cover for a quilt. Zainab H

In art, we have been doing sewing and learning different techniques and skills. We would get a needle and thread and put it in between the gap. Then we would sew in and out, you could also do cross-hatching. Hannah & Fatima