Over the last few weeks we have made Gingerbread Men biscuit and they were delicious!! The children helped with mixing all the ingredients and kneaded the dough then push the cutter in. The best part was when we got to enjoy the finished biscuits.

We all have been practising being an ‘independent individual’ and putting our coats on by ourselves using the coat flip trick. We then went to explore the garden to see if we can find any stick men. When we returned to the classroom we had to describe the sticks and talk about if they are the same or different. We found some big, small, tall, long, fat, short sticks. We will also have a go at making our own stick men and adding some body parts to the sticks.

Here are our completed stickmen! we spoke about the different body parts and why we need to use those body parts for example we use our eyes for looking and our mouths for tasting!