In celebration of British Science Week and all things STEAM, our activities this year included studying plants, circuit building and constructing towers. We even used our maths to crack a code that would help the Iron Man escape a pit, and children enjoyed having the opportunity to further explore science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths.

Some of the many possibilities with STEAM

Last Week

(Muhsina and Zayaan)

Last Friday was Red Nose Day! On Red Nose Day, some people celebrate by wearing red noses and doing activities to raise money for charities. We took part by having a non-school uniform day, doing quizzes in the classroom and running relay races in teams with massive spoons and red noses on the football pitch.

The class flower that we planted has now grown very big because we have been taking care of it. The class gardeners water it every day, and we had to move it because it was in a place that was too hot.

English and reading

We have been innovating the Iron Man story and drawing our own story maps. The class story is about the Glass Lady and we will write our story next week. We have been doing a challenge with other schools recently to see who could use the Ideas Store the most. Although we don’t know who won yet, we know our school collected lots of tokens.


In maths, we have been trying to answer questions in an easier way which means more efficient. We made numbers easier to work with by partitioning, adjusting and redistributing. At first, we used counters to help us break up the numbers and move parts around to figure things out.