The School Council have been working with Big Ideas on their Game Changers programme. The programme is about empowering young Londoners to run their own social action projects, tackling the issues they care about head-on.

During our meetings the school council discussed many issues concerning our local community from foodbanks to racism, but it was climate change that we voted to do something about.

The children researched the issues around climate change and decided to create an event to raise awareness about the small changes we can make as individuals to help solve the problems we face about the environment. The three messages they wanted to share were: Eat less meat, buy less stuff and use public transport!

We then spent time designing posters, banners (If you could, would you fix climate change?) and leaflets with our key messages and more information about how each chosen message is about an industry that emits a lot of carbon, pollution or waste. Hirst class councillors, Shah and Dainne, collated all of our research and made a survey to collect data from the people of our local community to understand their attitude and awareness about climate change.

This afternoon we took the streets of Chrisp Street Market and asked our local community to take part in our survey and to spread our message and raise awareness about climate change.

We’ll be out again on Wednesday afternoon, so if you see us come and scan our QR code so that you can access our survey whilst still maintaining social distancing. Or scan the code now…