Year 5 had a fantastic time at Poplar Baths today taking part in 6 different sports (and not a football in sight!) and competing against other schools for team spirit points.

The main aim to the day was to inspire children to enjoy being active and find a sport they love as well as practise good teamwork, sportsmanship and resilience.

All ready to go in our bibs – cheering for Lansbury Lawrence!

There were local sports coaches running the sports and volunteers from Morgan Stanley joined our teams to help us too!

All the children tried 6 different sports including Boxing, Basketball, Boccia, Dance, Rugby and Volleyball. Some of the sports were new to the children but they tried their best in every single one!
Zakia having a go at serving in Volleyball
Shahinur taking an athletic shot at the hoop in basketball!
Concentrating hard at Boccia (an inclusive sport featured in the Paralympics!)
Meliha practising shooting in basketball with lots of encouragement from her friends
Having fun with our friends in volleyball – Alisha said her favourite sports were dance and volleyball
More Volleyball action – come on team All Stars!
Running, passing and scoring in the rugby – this one was a big hit!
But the day wasn’t just about sport. It was about having fun, taking part, trying our best and never giving up! Kahlo Class definitely did themselves proud. Everyone was taking part in all the sports all the time – it was amazing to see!

We made team banners to show our support and encouragement for our friends – what great team spirit!

Sara and Khyrah with their colourful banner
Team All Stars chanting and cheering for their classmates!

Team chat for motivation with a BIG CHEER altogether!
Mohammed was having an amazing time!!
Nurun and Mariya showing off their team spirit banner – “It doesn’t matter if you lose!”. That’s the spirit!
Ayaanah and Mariam trying out the boxing gloves
Melissa trying her best in Volleyball and Shafath being a great teammate and helping out Sayef! Always good to see the class working together and supporting each other to achieve
Great to see Arafat and Dawud collaborating in the Boccia – discussing the best throw!

Even though we did not win the trophy, we are really proud of Kahlo class today and we had lots of fun which is what really matters! All the children were rewarded medals for their efforts.

The smiles on their faces says it all!
Team Kahlo Class!
Thank you SportInspired for an amazing day – we are all exhausted but happy!
Medals for everyone’s excellent efforts! We learnt today that there is something out there for everyone, just try and you might like it. Also, sport keeps us happy and healthy!