We had so much fun in Year One today. In O’Keeffe Class we had a science experiment. We had to predict what popcorn would taste the best.

We had some popcorn in water, some in oil and the rest had nothing added.

The classes made their predictions:

Our Predictions:

To complete a ‘fair test’ we put the same amount of popcorn into a bag and cooked it for 2 minutes. The children enjoyed counting forwards and backwards to 120 whilst they waited for the popcorn.

To check our predictions, we tasted the popcorn. However, only the oil and the nothing added popcorn popped. The one soaked in water did not pop.

The final outcome was that around half the children in year one preferred the ‘nothing added’ popcorn and the other half preferred the oil popcorn.

Why don’t you try this at home and see what you think?