Yesterday afternoon, we were lucky enough to take part in Play Street!

Play Street is an excellent initiative which brings the community together and allows children to have fun by shutting roads to cars and vehicles so children can play safely.

There were many fun games and activities for pupils to try and year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to watch the BMX showcase!

They demonstrated many cool tricks and skills including jumping over people, jumping on a ladder and jumping between platforms – all ON A BIKE!

Akram said, “My favourite part was when he went on the ladder because instead of just riding up it, he jumped!”

Cheering on the stunts!

Abdullah said: “My favourite part was when he spun on the bike with no hands. It was cool!”

Even Mr Norman got involved!
Loving the action!

Thank you to Fusion Extreme, Tower Hamlets Council and Sustrans for a great afternoon!