This morning we made the most of the lovely sun and went on a learning adventure in the Edible Playground. We did a Minibeast fact finding hunt, observational drawings and a Vocabulary spider diagram. Here are lots of beautiful photos from our morning.

“It was fun because it was fun having to find the facts” Zaynab
“I was drawing a bush, it was fun!” Rahi
“I was drawing a big giant plant with fresh leaves.” Faris
“I was drawing purple flowers, they looked spiky that’s why i wanted to draw them.” Natasha
“I was drawing purple plants because they were beautiful and smooth.” Labib
The drawing was fun because my plant had lovely leaves and a flower.” Zarifa
” I was drawing my leaf. It was fun because I like drawing.” Muse
” I wanted to draw the white and orange flowers because they looked so pretty. I looked carefully so i could draw them well.” Tayeba
When we came back we wrote a recount about our trip.
When we got back we wrote about the Edible Playground. I wrote the question “Did you know the edible playground is the most fun playground ever?” Nahida